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Ribbing Yarns

Ribbing Yarns is a technique book which explores the potential of the ribber attachment for Japanese machines.

Ribbing Yarns for Babies

Exploring the techniques used on the double bed (ribber) by knitting small projects for babies.

Seams Easy

Create professional looking garments.  How to match patterns &  seams.  Decorative seams &  decreases explained.

Cable Craft

Cables are one of the outstanding ways of adding decoration to a sweater or cardigan.  CableCraft will show you how to achieve that.

Knitweave Knotes

 Knitweave is often overlooked by machine knitters.  A great way to incorporate  fancy or thicker yarns in your knitting.

Mosaic Knitting

Slip or Tuck settings on any gauge machine can give you  2 colour designs without long floats. 

Slip Stitch Patterns

The Slip Stitch setting  produces beautiful,  effective fabrics.  8 stitch patterns produce 20 different designs .

Simply Slip Stitch

Easy to understand reference book for single bed slip stitch. Different types of slip stitch and how they can be knitted.  

Lace Combinations

Combining  lace with tuck, weaving and FI techniques on a Brother machine.

Making a Fresh Start

53 edges and ribs suitable for all Brother machines with a garter carriage

Edge-Craft Collection

Over 50 single bed edging and braids. Suitable for machines with different gauges.

Garter Stitch Patterns

24 distinctive patterns for the garter carriage.  Designaknit patterns included.

Simply Garter Stitch

An easy to follow handbook for the g carriage.  11 stitch patterns and 4 garments.

Hand Tooling for the G. Carriage

24 stitch patterns that combine garter stitch with hand tooling.

Electronic Garter Stitch Patterns

6 large garter stitch designs for Brother electronic machines with a garter carrige.

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