3 Easy Pieces

I would like to think that this is a perfect book  for all knitters, whether they are just starting out or have been knitting for years.

book is an introduction to hold position on the knitting machine for those who haven’t tried it before or who have only used it when making sideways knitted skirts.

It is 
also a set of patterns that use those ‘cone ends’ that lurk in a our yarn cupboards.

My samples were knitted using Denis Brunton Magicolor, a yarn many of us still have,  though it was discontinued years ago.

By using a yarn that changes colours as it is 
knitted in combination with hold position, unusual fabrics can be created.

So even 
if a knitter does not have Magicolor, space dyed or painted yarns can be substituted to create these designs.

The patterns themselves would make  
attractive fete or bazaar items or last minute Christmas presents .

Included are 2 
diagonal scarves, a beret in 3 sizes, and a knit weave tote bag.

Price £5.00

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