Tuck Lace Bolero

The lady's bolero has been knitted sideway using a tuck stitch pattern with needles left in non working position to produce the lace effect. The front edge is V shaped and the hem curves down at the back.  

It was knitted in a 3 ply crepe yarn on a standard gauge machine.  No ribber is required.  It can be worn in 3 different ways:  without the cork screw scarf or with the scarf as pictured (which is detachable).  Or if you can't decide what to do with all the knitted ruffle scarves you have been hand knitting, a ruffled scarf can be tacked in place.  

Punchcard patterns for the tuck stitch and the cork screw  scarf are included.  Needle arrangements  and schematics are also included.  Sizes  Small - Medium - Large     

Price £4.00

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