How to protect your woollen yarns
(on cones or in balls)

In warm weather we see small moths flying around our homes.

There are various types of moth that are small, light brown in colour and fly at rapid speed so it is difficult to identify them accurately.

If in the past you have lost a cone of yarn by finding it has been eaten by a moth caterpillar, the chances are that the little flying creatures are either clothes or carpet moths.

If you only knit with acrylic yarns, you are safe from them.  But most knitters have a cone or two of wool or wool blend yarn.

It is heart breaking to discover it has been attacked and now is un-usable for the project you planned.  

I am trying Rentokill Clothes Moth Killer Papers.  There are 10 sheets in each packet.  I am placing one sheet with each cone of yarn in a plastic bag.  Each sheet is effective for 6 months.  I'll let you know how well it has works.  For more information on the products that Rentokill sell and how each products works click below for their details.    

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Damaged Yarn

Moth Killer Pack

Single Sheet

Protected Cone