Mosaic Knitting

Mosaic Knitting is a technique that can be done using the Slip or Tuck settings on any gauge machine. It’s a great way to create 2 colour designs without long floats.

The book takes the reader through the basic principles. It has been done in an easy to follow manner and gives examples so that the knitter can experiment with the technique.

The book contains 3 garment patterns to start the knitter on her  (or his) way with mosaic knitting. Included are a child’s hooded cardigan, a lady’s lacy top and lady’s raglan cardigan. 

The child’s hoodie is in sizes 18 to 24 inch chest. The lady’s top and cardigan are in sizes 82 to 107 cm ( 32 to 42 inch) bust.     24 pages.   

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Edge to Edge Cardigan

Tuck Stitch Evening Top

Child's Hoodie

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