Knitweave 'Knotes'

KNITWEAVE 'KNOTES' is a collection of stitch and garment patterns using the knitweave technique. It’s one of the techniques that is often overlooked by machine knitters.

It is not weaving in the true sense of the word as thicker yarns are inlaid between needles which are knitting stocking stitch. It is a great way to incorporate fancy or thicker yarns into your knitting. It produces a stable fabric that has very little stretch to it.

It can be shaped for garment pieces, or left as ‘blocks’ that can be cut and sewn together to create garments. Notes on the type of yarns that are suitable for knitweave are given. Illustrations are given of some of the hand tooling procedures that were used to create the fabrics.

Any machine can weave, whether its gauge is fine, standard, or chunky. The 4 garment patterns that are included show different aspects of knitweave.

Templates and schematics for the patterns are given. Patterns are written in sizes  Small – Medium – Large.   24 pages.            

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