Lady's Hooded Jacket

This Lady's Jacket has been knitted in 2 ply lamb's wool using a tuck stitch pattern.  The reverse (purl) side of the fabric has been used.  The edgings are done in stocking stitch, so that the sleeves can be turned back to reveal the knit side of the fabric.  

The fabric has been felted slightly to give a soft warm texture to the jacket.   The pattern is suitable for any standard gauge machine with patterning facilities.  No ribber is required.  A single bed colour changer would be useful to speed up the changes in colours, but is not necessary.  

Although 3 contrasting colours have been used for the sample, the jacket's colours could reduced to only one or two contrasting colours if preferred.  

The 24 stitch punch card and schematic diagrams are included.  Small - Medium - Large  

Price £4.50

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