Tuck Lace Samples from the July Meeting

This fabric is produced by leaving 2 needles out of working position while the carriage is set for tuck, using the 1 x 1 card (Card 1)  The purl side shows the fabric best. 

This fabric uses pattern 3 from Stitch World I.  It has a repeat of 5 stitches so is unsuitable for punch card machines.  The needles are arranged with 3 in working position and then 2 out of working position. 

Here is the purl side of pattern 3.   The carriage is set for tuck throughout.  I am working on a similar pattern for punch card machines. I am hoping to have that pattern available soon.  I'll let you know.

This is a manually knitted  pattern.  The needles are arranged so that 1 needle is in working position and the next one is out of work.  The carriage is set so that needles in hold position will not knit.