Over the years I have designed patterns for a number of knitting machine magazines. The copyright on these patterns are still mine. I have decided to share them with those of you who enjoy knitting and may have missed some of these when they were first published. I had forgotten how many there were until I started to 'sort out' my knitting studio. Some of them I remembered very well, but others were a bit of surprise to me.  It was a eureka moment, when I looked at a design and thought, did I really design that?  Most of the time it was a pleasant thought, but some of times, it was "I'm glad that design is long gone! "  Click the Download button to see the directions.

Intarsia Sweater

Plaid Sweater 

Diamond Sweater

Girl's Twin Set

Sleeping Bag

Baby Dress with Collar

Jumper with Lace Collar